Celebrity Clients
David Attenborough, Cheryl Cole, Will.I.Am., Daisy Lowe, Howard Jacobson, Holly Valance, The Appletone Sisters, Meg Mathews, Frances Ruffelle, Eliza Dolittle, Courtney Love, Howard Jacobson, Twiggy, Babara Hulanicki, Kelly Brook, Amy Winehouse, Rachel Hunter, Yoko Ono, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Rachel Stevens & Patsy Kensit.


Testimonials & Celebrity Quotes

“We wouldn’t allow Sera to photograph the bedroom she designed for us because we feel bedrooms are private. However, I can say that, had she done so, you would have seen another of her exquisite fantasies created to make her clients feel they live part of the time in a chateau and part of the time in a bordello.” 
- Howard Jacobson

“Sera is the most stylish woman I have ever met. Her sexy interiors reflect a joie de vivre that she and I share. They are crazily romantic and riotously decadent but still hold a real sophistication and class that only she can pull off!” 
- Frances Ruffelle

“She's Great that Sera Loftus!!!” 
- Courtney Love

“Seras interiors are deliciously fun, dreamy and very very sexy!” 
- Mr David Carter

“I met Sera at her house, and her character is reflected in her home. I looked around and the detail blew my mind!! I said to myself, ‘I want a home just like that someday’. So when it came to decorating my little flat, I really wanted to make it my own and Sera was INCREDIBLE. She sourced things that I would never have been able to find and gave ideas that I would never have thought of and I am in love with it!” 
- Eliza Dolittle

“In Sera I have found a kindred spirit, a romantic, a reveller in all things beautiful, be they fortuny dresses, my vintage chokers and her lampshades,or just the beauty of a crumbling wall.” 
- Naomie Tate

“Working with Sera was such a fun and incredibly creative experience, it was like anything was possible! I learnt so much and ended up with my beautiful tranquil home that I can now re-create anywhere!”
 - Rachel Stevens

“Sera's style and designs caught my eye because they are so beautiful, so boudoir, so clever and detailed! A look so exotic and from a time long gone or an old movie set! Sera's designs fit so perfectly with my taste, complimenting, but not dictating. She is a true talent, a rock and roll rebel of design who breaks rules with her originality and depth!” 
- Sadie Frost

“Being surrounded by seras genius interiors are like steping into a secret magical world. Seras exotic and bohemian style does more than transform a space, sera creates an atmosphere that conjures a natural and relaxed rock and roll way of living that you could only dream of. But she delivers!” 
- Victoria Grant